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What Is An Educated Person - 922 Words

I can picture being in Thomas Jones place and listening to a student wondering what the speaker is saying, their interest is not listening to the speakers, but walking the stage and the end commencement. As Thomas Jones pointed out; why did we not discuss the educated person question prior to commencement? We do need to answer the question: â€Å"What is an educated person?† (Jones) This story is so true! Had I questioned the rationale behind the requirements instead of relying on the experts to plan my educational progress; I would be in a better place for furthering my education. Instead of wondering why I was taking courses that just did not make sense; I could have understood the standards and took responsibility for my undergraduate academic decisions. I always believed that you do not need a college education to be an educated person. Through the years, I have worked with recent college graduates. Questioning how some of these individuals managed to graduate nor did I consider them an educated person. Though growth and the lifelong process of learning; it provides a different outlook. Each individual is different and we should not expect the same results from each person; do not be a judgmental person. I wondered about the rationale regarding the history requirement and other course requirements. One of my reflections were history is a part of each course and learning provides the course basics from the beginning. The history course inspired me to learn more about theShow MoreRelated Do You Have What It Takes? A Breakdown Of The Educated Person1002 Words   |  5 Pages Do You Have What it Takes? A Breakdown of the Educated Person An educated person is a well rounded person. To be educated is to knowledgeable in many areas. Diversity is essential in the sense that many different things inspire thought, which then derive permanent conclusions from these experiences. Anyone who has the audacity to call themselves educated needs to have a firm grasp of many different areas. These categories span through Science, Technology, Language, Art, Feelings and ValuesRead MoreRefined Over Time : An Educated Person792 Words   |  4 Pagesrefined over time. An educated person doesn’t view education just as a school concept, rather, it is an idea that leaning will remain for a lifetime. Educated Person Essay There are several valued qualities that an educated person should possess. Before discussing these characteristics, I want to take a look at what the phrase, â€Å"educated person† means. Webster’s Dictionary defines â€Å"educated† as, â€Å"to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction† (â€Å"Educate†, n.d.). ThereforeRead MoreEducation Is An Essential Part Of The Human Experience844 Words   |  4 Pagesessential part of the human experience. To be educated is such an important thing, most people underestimate the power of education. A person who is educated is someone that is able to comfortable in their own skin, ability to speak, and their interactions with others. Educated people feel comfortable in their skin and show other people that they are able to entertain. An educated person is confident in themselves and their thoughts and actions. Educated people are able to exude confidence on to othersRead MoreSkills Of A Well Educated Person880 Words   |  4 Pages Skills of a Well-Educated Person Even though a well-educated person is thought of as one who has extensive college education and attend the finest schools, a well-educated person can also be one who is educated with hands-on experience without a college degree. When referring to a person as well-educated it usually has to do more with formal education than informal education. When someone is describing a person as well-educated, consideration for both formal and informal types of education shouldRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Ronald Takakis The Educated Person829 Words   |  4 PagesThe Educated Person Final Paper I found â€Å"The Educated Person: A collection of Contemporary American Essays† to be an indispensable source of information for new and continuing students. This work of art is not merely the accumulation of essays created by esteem professors and faculty, it is a collection of works that can unlock the hidden potential of students. I found three essays to be particularly enlightening. Those essays are â€Å"Having a Degree and being educated†, â€Å"A Different Minor†, â€Å"FreedomRead MorePaper If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find the definition of educated to be something close1100 Words   |  5 PagesPaper If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find the definition of educated to be something close to this: having undergone education; characterized by or displaying qualities of culture and learning; based on some information or experience. But I haven’t found this to be particularly specific, or really helpful at all. As I’ve come to understand, being educated is transient, unless you learn to be, as a truly educated person is, a life-long learner. True education comes from yourself, from gainingRead More Education has Lost Touch with its Origin and its Meaning Essay1633 Words   |  7 PagesUnited States? Odds are that it does not. What does being educated mean anyway? What is an undergraduate university education? These questions have been debated for centuries, and they are still relevant today. Many people feel that being educated is going to college and making good grades so that a diploma, the mark of an educated person, can be received. Does that dip loma really signify that a person is educated? It does, if being educated means being able to pass a series of tests andRead MoreEssay about Attitude Can Make or Break a Person781 Words   |  4 Pages Being considered as a â€Å"Well-educated† person is a topic that has been debated on several occasions by friends and family. There are a few in this debate who considered themselves very well-educated because of great financial success, another because of having many degrees. I find that the attitudes of people can make or break a person regardless of who they are or how much they have gained financially. The truth is it does not matter what a person may have in life, if ignorance precedes themRead MoreThe Universities Of Higher Education1450 Words   |  6 Pageseducation places should leave these people educated to their fullest potential when they leave, and should leave them with certain skills and abilities that all educated people should posses. Professors, along with universities, should be able to persuade or change a student’s core beliefs by intriguingly adding insight to ones life and ultimately making them more educated. There are certain skills and abilities that every educated person should posses after college. The first attributeRead MoreTo Be or Not to Be Well Educated1114 Words   |  5 PagesENG 101-D23 LUO Professor Desiree B. Sholes 11/12/2012 To be or not to be well-educated: A Narrative Response to Alfie Kohn’s â€Å"What does it mean to be well-educated?† To be or not to be well-educated: A Narrative Response to Alfie Kohn’s â€Å"What does it mean to be well-educated?† Alfie Kohn’s essay â€Å"What does it mean to be well-educated?† begins on a personal note using his wife as an example to substantiate his hypothesis. Encountering Alisa at the very beginning

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